Profile – Queen Jigzie

Jamaican dancer, Queen Jigzie Campbell has performed in Europe, Jamaica and Australia. She worked with the African Dance Troupe for many years performing at major festivals. Queen Jigzie has appeared in feature films, completed videos on dance for television and worked as a backing vocalist for reggae bands. She has even exposed her culinary skills for the ABC Secret Recipes.

Queen Jigzie toured extensively with the show “An Afro-Caribbean experience“, a two person show which celebrated music, dance, stories, and riddles from West Africa and the West Indies. In “Jamaica Irie“, Queen Jigzie has devised a show to pay tribute to the songs, dances and stories of traditional and contemporary Jamaica.

Queen Jigzie has toured with Ru C.L and The Global Trinity for the past three years performing at the Dreaming Festival, Kowanyama Baby festival, Reggae Town, Melbourne Art Centre Mix Up, Golden Plains and Big Day Out.

She teamed up with the acclaimed Zeal Theatre in their production of “Mouse”, playing two characters. Queen Jigzie was commissioned by Wodonga Council to choreograph the Congo Line Commonwealth Games celebration.

Queen Jigzie offers an authentic interpretation of her culture. Recall, reference material and study trips to the Jamaica School of Dance as well as working with traditional storytellers, plus an enthusiasm for her culture roots, has given Queen Jigzie’s performance a special energy.

Queen Jigzie was born in Jamaica, experienced post-primary education in England and arrived in Australia as a nursing sister with experience as a singer and dancer behind her.

In time, with formal dance training plus connection with the African Dance Troupe, Jigzie moved more and more towards presenting her rich Jamaican heritage always mindful of its African origins.

These presentations have varied in content and context, but at all times Jigzie has offered an authentic interpretation of the culture she is representing.

Apart from the African Dance Troupe, which appeared at many major festivals, Queen Jigzie performed in “Akwanso Fly South” which premiered at the Adelaide Festival before touring nationally.

Queen Jigzie conducts Workshops in dance whether as casual one-off class or, as in the Azeviche Summer School, a series of intense sessions culminating in performance.

She has even exposed her Jamaican culinary expertise in an episode of “Secret Recipes” for ABC television.